Monday, May 16, 2011

Final countdown to session end; Schedules posted

Exactly one week from today, the Legislature is required to adjourn according to the constitution (the first Monday after the third Saturday in May for you trivia buffs). The House and Senate met in floor sessions Saturday and took up multiple bills off the general calendar. Conference committees also worked over the weekend and crafted draft budget bills. Conferees have not signed the reports, which means they cannot be taken up on the floor for a vote. This leaves them open for negotiations with Gov. Dayton. Dayton has said he would veto the bills in their current state, so there is some work to be done.

On Saturday the state government conference report was posted and can be found here.

The spreadsheet for the bill can be found here.

Today at the Capitol
8:00 AM
House Ways and Means
Room: 200 State Office Building
Chair: Rep. Mary Liz Holberg
HF211 (Wardlow) Liability limits modified for tort claims against the state and political subdivisions, conciliation court claims regulated, right of appeal provided on class action orders, statute of limitations on claims modified, prejudgment interest modified, attorney fees regulated, and cause of action for sex trafficking violations provided.
HF637 (Drazkowski) Food, beverage, and lodging establishment statutes exemption modified.
HF705 (Crawford) Counties permitted to perform private audits that meet state auditor requirements, publication and reporting requirements eliminated, surplus law library funds provided, county clerk hiring requirements repealed, seed and feed loan provisions repealed, Ramsey County Community Corrections Department duties provided, and clarifying and technical changes made.
HF1025 (Beard) Energy provisions modified relating to energy rates, energy conservation and savings programs, utility cost recovery and investments, qualifying facilities and non generating utilities, energy-related rate impacts, large energy customers, cold weather notices to energy consumers, hydropower, an innovative energy project, transmission lines, Public Utilities Commission approval for security issuance by utilities, assessments, establishment of Energy Reliability and Intervention Office, the Energy Conservation Information Center and residential weatherization programs, and membership in Melrose Public Utilities Commission.
HF1068 (Beard) Transportation and public safety policies governing provisions provided including data practices, bicycles and bikeways and bridges, transportation construction contracts, motor vehicles, traffic regulations, driver licensing and training, alternative financing for transportation projects, railroads, motor carriers and commercial drivers, and agency reporting, establishing fees and an account, pilot program expanded, seaplane base variance provided, provisions repealed, technical changes made, and money appropriated.
HF1423 (Gottwalt) Adoption assistance reform, child protection, child support, and technical and conforming amendments provided.
HF191 (Downey) Redundant Technology Elimination Act proposed, state agency information technology systems and services consolidated, Office of Enterprise Technology duties transferred, and money appropriated.
HF1261 (Holberg) Metropolitan area transit and paratransit capital expenditure additional financing provided, and certain obligations issued.
SF346 / HF554 the language of HF554 (Johnson) will be offered as a delete-everything amendment to SF346 .
HF 1611 (Hamilton) Agriculture programs, requirements, fees, and duties changed, and money appropriated.

10:30 AM
Senate in Session

12:00 PM
House in Session

1:00 PM
House Government Operations and Elections
Room: 5 State Office Building
Chair: Rep. Joyce Peppin
Agenda: HF1647 (Lanning) 2011 Omnibus Retirement Bill

At the call of the Chair
Conference Committee on S.F. 887: Omnibus jobs and economic development bill
Room: 112 Capitol
Chairs: Sen. Geoff Michel and Rep. Bob Gunther
SENATE: Michel; Pederson; Miller; Daley; Lillie
HOUSE: Gunther; Hoppe; McFarlane; Sanders; Kieffer
Agenda: S.F. 887-Michel: Omnibus jobs and economic growth and development appropriations

6:00 PM
Conference Committee on S.F. 1047: Omnibus state government bill
Room: 200 State Office Building
Chairs: Sen. Mike Parry and Rep. Morrie Lanning
SENATE: Parry; Gazelka; Thompson; Daley; Vandeveer
HOUSE: Lanning; Downey; Benson; Stensrud; Anderson
Agenda: S.F. 1047-Parry: Omnibus state government, military affairs and veterans affairs appropriations; Minnesota Sunset Act.

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