Friday, April 8, 2011

Budget process further clarified

Yesterday at the Capitol
Senate Republicans held a press conference yesterday to discuss the budget bills that are now moving into their respective conference committee. Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch, R-Buffalo, said conference committees are a good opportunity for Gov. Dayton's commissioners and staff to weigh in on what they like and don't like in the House and Senate bills. She said now is the time to get going on negotiations and her door is open to the governor. Koch indicated the Senate legislative leadership does not want to send the bills to Dayton for veto, and said she doesn't believe it's helpful. She said there are areas of potential agreement in many of the bills. The governor has said he will start negotiations once the Senate and House have an agreement (worked out through the conference committee process). Dayton has said that he would reject anything less than a complete budget package.

When asked about policy bills and what's next on the horizon, Koch said the focus right now is on the budget. However, we will start to see committee hearings pick up again as the next two committee deadlines are focused on policy bills. By April 29, all policy bills must be out of the body of origin, and by May 6, the third and final committee deadline, all policy bills must be out of both bodies.

Also meeting yesterday was the House State Government Finance Committee which took up HF 210, a bill that requires voters to show photo identification. The bill was laid over however, after objections from committee members that the bill's fiscal note did not reflect the most recent amendment to the bill. Committee Chair, Morrie Lanning, R-Moorhead, said they would take up the bill and vote on it early next week. The Senate companion is scheduled to be heard in the Senate State Government Innovation and Veterans Committee Monday.

Today at the Capitol

9:00 AM
House Education Reform
Room: 10 State Office Building
Chair: Rep. Sondra Erickson
HF905 (Hamilton) Youth athletes with concussions resulting from participation in youth athletic activities policies established.
HF1092 (Buesgens) Qualified individuals receiving a retirement annuity allowed to serve as a coach during a sports season.
HF575 (Erickson) Probationary teacher and principal status governing requirements clarified.

10:00 AM
Legislative leadership media briefing

12:00 PM
Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement
Room 10 State Office Building
Agenda: Organizational Meeting
Election of 2011-2012 Commission Officers

2:30 PM
Joint Meeting: Environment and Natural Resources and Capital Investment
Room: Moorhead City Hall
Chairs: Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen, Sen. David H. Senjem
Agenda: 2011 Red River Valley Flood Update and Impact

Looking Ahead

Monday, April 11

8:30 AM
Conference Committee on S.F. 1016: Omnibus agriculture and rural economic development appropriations
Room: 107 Capitol
Chairs: Sen. Doug Magnus and Rep. Rod Hamilton
SENATE: Magnus; Miller; Kubly; Nienow; Dahms
HOUSE: Hamilton; Shimanski; Anderson; LeMieur; Eken

11:00 AM
Senate in Session

1:00 PM
Senate State Government Innovation and Veterans
Room: 123 Capitol
Chair: Sen. Mike Parry
S.F. 509-Limmer: Voter photo identification requirement; picture identification issuance provisions; provisional balloting procedure establishment; challenged voter eligibility list establishment; electronic polling place roster standard for use establishment and use.

3:00 PM
House in Session

3:00 PM
Senate Education
Room: 15 Capitol
Chair: Sen. Gen Olson
S.F. 605-Nienow: Graduation required assessment for diploma (GRAD) mathematics requirement exception removal; high school assessments for college and career readiness determination establishment.
S.F. 143-Wiger: High school assessments for college and career readiness determination establishment; assessment advisory committee recommendations for alternative means of graduation for students requirement.
S.F. 1073-Nelson: School districts transition planning for high school students to successfully pursue postsecondary education and employment.

Tuesday, April 12

8:30 AM
Senate Finance
Room: 123 Capitol
Chair: Sen. Claire A. Robling
S.F. 712-Carlson, J.: State lands valuation methods for acquired lands modification; adopt-a-WMA (wildlife management area) program establishment; state parks, forests, recreation areas and wildlife management areas additions and deletions; public and private sales of cer.
S.F. 930-Robling: Deficiency funding appropriations for public safety department, judicial standards board, tax court, and secretary of state; state-owned land minimum sale requirement modification.

3:00 PM
Senate Education
Room: 15 Capitol
Chair: Sen. Gen Olson
S.F. 612-Benson: Youth athlete concussion policies establishment.
S.F. 540-Nelson: Child maltreatment mandatory reporting requirement for school district employees; teacher license revocation provision.
S.F. 901-Pederson: Early childhood services and programs for full kindergarten readiness coordination

Wednesday, April 13

3:00 PM
Senate Education
Room: 15 Capitol
Chair: Sen. Gen Olson
S.F. 452-Vandeveer: Charter school as educational entity within a school district pilot project for charter district #4116, Lakes International Language Academy and independent school district #831, Forest Lake.
S.F. 946-DeKruif: School districts joint operation and innovative delivery of education pilot project establishment.
S.F. 977-Wolf: Charter school revenue formulas modifications.

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