Monday, November 30, 2009

State Jobs Task Force highlights System bonding

The state Jobs Task Force committee discussed bonding projects as one way to revive Minnesota’s economy. Alice Hausman, chair of the House Capital Improvement Committee said that the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities is a “poster child” for implementing projects swiftly and providing information on bonding project timelines.

Al Johnson, Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities of the System, told the Jobs Task Force Committee that for each $1 million, a conservative estimate is that 20 jobs are created.

Johnson said 11 jobs on the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities request, approved by the Board of Trustees, would be immediately ready to start (hire workers) once the funds are released. He added that repair and replacement projects could also be out early. The maximum time for repair and replacement projects to be executed was a maximum two year time frame. “When you go out to campuses, you will see that people are already working,” Johnson said.

For a recap of the meeting, please go to the hearing archives.

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